Getting students excited about science


"In a camp setting, it is often difficult to get students to engage with speakers but the opposite was true for Primate Tales, we had to pull kids away from the classroom.  With such insight into the world of Primatology our campers learned so much more then they would have just by reading on their own and they were able to get all of their questions answered.  We can’t wait to work with Primate Tales in the future!"
-Nick Roberts, Program Manager, Lay-Up Youth Basketball

“From my perspective the best parts where things that were unique to you and based on experiences that you have beyond the textbook.  Things like your expertise with features of those skulls.  Your experiences in research.  Unusual or interesting details about other hominids that may not generally known. The new discovery at the end of your presentation was great to show that there is lots more to this puzzle to be determined and of course the girl power focus.  A great 'where do we go from here…’”  Brad Kitchen - Grade 11 Biology teacher at CHAT

"I thought the program was excellent. The information presented was highly interesting and engaging. My students really enjoyed the session and learned a lot from it. I especially liked the hands-on component, where students examined the skulls." - Niki Mehta, Biology Teacher, Bayview Glen School

"To learn more about where we came from." "Inspirational about science. When she talked about why she loves to study primates." "I think it was valuable to be given insight on how humans evolved in order to understand ourselves more and what separates us from ‎other species." - From the students at the Avenue Rd Academy

"Our campers were treated to a wonderful lecture on the topic of how our brain evolved. With the help of the organization Primate Tales, the students learned about the morphology of the skull, different human ancestors and even the theories of how humans have been as successful as we are. Thank you so much for this excellent and informative presentation, and the video summary is below"   -From Bright Lights Neuroscience camp at UTS

 "All of the instructors enjoyed your program, and it was clear (from all the questions), that the campers enjoyed it!" - Robert Porteous, Director of Science camps at Appleby College

"The kids really enjoyed the trip, especially how engaging it was for them to make the enrichment toys and dinners for the monkeys.  They loved watching the monkeys use their toys and eat the dinners they had prepared!  It's not often that they get to really make an impact like that on a field trip! " - Joelle dela Paz, Highchool Teacher,  Blyth Academy Whitby