Science Programs for Students K-12

 Early hominid skulls

 Our 1 hour in-class curriculum based educational and fun programs are geared towards grades 5-12. We also do a general program for grades 1-4 about the wonderful world of primates. We have real scientists speak to students and use primates and ideas around evolution to help explore key areas of each grade’s science or social science curriculum.  We increase science literacy with a variety hands-on materials, like our monkey, ape and fossil hominin replica skulls, videos, photos and discussions about the topics covered.  We get kids excited about science by bringing real scientists into the classroom!

A recent paper by Bayer and Luberda (2016) shows that inquiry-based hands-on learning with hominin skulls helps students gain a greater understanding of evolution.  Clark et al (2016) have shown that having scientists speak to middle school students increased the students interest in science by 70% and their interest in becoming a scientist by 60%.   This is what we do at Primate Tales, have scientists bring our collection of ape and hominin skulls to engage students with biology and human evolution, so they can better understand these topics and see that they too can be scientists.  

 Students using our skulls to learn about primates and evolution

Niki Mehta a senior biology teacher at Bayview Glen School said this about our programs "I thought the program was excellent. The information presented was highly interesting and engaging. My students really enjoyed the session and learned a lot from it. I especially liked the hands-on component, where students examined the skulls."


Brad Kitchen, the grade 11 Biology teacher at CHAT, said his students "Enjoyed the skull activity!  Awesome that you explained how to figure out from a skull what the creature was like and then they got to do it! Your slide show!  Great visuals and explanations about where different types of hominids were found and how they were different from each other.  General flow of lesson with activity in the middle was great too!"

We have worked hard to incorporate material that is tightly linked to the Ontario science curriculum. Our presentations introduce and reinforce the concepts that students are learning in class. We provide worksheets for each program and by the end of the hour you will have an activity to assess the outcomes and expectations covered for the life systems or biology unit, taking the burden off your shoulders.  For more details for each grade see the links below. 

Price: $200 plus HST for one 1 hour program for up to 30 students.  Additional classes on the same day are $95 plus HST each. For additional programs on a different day the cost is $135 plus HST for the first class and $95 for additional classes on that day. If outside Toronto, a travel fee of $25 applies. If outside the GTA a travel fee of $45 applies.   If you have more than 10 classes you want to do please contact us and we can discuss a bulk rate.   

Payment of programs can be made by cheque, cash or e-transfer.   Cheques are payable to Primate Tales, if sending an e-transfer please email payment to: