JK/SK Programs 


This fun and interactive program goes over what a primate is (a mammal with a backbone) and talks about what vertebrates and mammals are. Then we go into what makes primates different from other mammals and have the children look on their own bodies as well as use our interactive chimp puppet to show off traits like 5 fingers, opposable thumb, forward facing eyes and teach them that we are primates too. We take a break to do an active activity where the students can act like a primate, walk on their hands and feet, and make the sounds they think primates make.


They would learn about the different types of primates and where they live (lemurs, new world monkeys, old world monkeys and apes) using our primate skulls to show what they look like up close.   We then take another activity break where the children are able to make their own monkey or skull out of tactile model magic that they can keep to take home.