Grade 7 Life Systems

How humans affect primate populations and alter the balance of their environments through deforestation and bush meat hunting.  Case study on palm oil in Indonesia and how it is leading to orangutans becoming endangered.  Have the students complete a Q-chart to think of questions around the issue of palm oil. Also have handout detailing the issues of palm oil. Go through possible solutions to the problem and then watch a video about sustainable palm oil.   Go through ways in which we can help orangutans even though they don’t live in our own environment.    

Curriculum points covered:

Interaction in the environment: The impact and consequences of humans on the environment using Indonesia as a case study. Explanation of how an ecosystem is limited in how many animals and plants it can support. Describe ways in which human activities and technologies alter balances and interactions in the environment.  Use scientific inquiry/research skills to investigate occurrences that affect ecosystem by using the Q-chart. Demonstrate an understanding of an ecosystem (e.g. a rainforest) as a system of interactions between living organisms and their environment.

Key concepts/words:

ecosystem, sustainability, clear cutting, population