Grade 10 Science Academic and Applied:

How primates have been used in medical research, what we have learned from them about ourselves, the moral and ethical implications of using primates in research.  What are our responsibilities to them? (AIDS research, Fauna foundation chimps, cloth mother study with videos of cloth mother study and Fauna foundation).  Initiate discussion and have the class debate the positives and negatives about medical research on primates.  

Curriculum points covered: 

Biology Tissues, organs and system of living things: Developments in medicine and medical technology can have social and ethical implications. Evaluate the importance of medical and other technological developments related to systems biology, and analyze their societal and ethical implications. Analyze, on the basis of research, ethical issues related to a technological development in the field of systems biology (primate biomedical research)  and communicate their findings.  

Key concepts/words:

stem cells, cloning, AIDS, vaccines