Grade 1- 4 Science Program


This program shows students what primates all are about from a real monkey scientist.  We go through what makes primates different than other mammals using our chimpanzee puppet to show off traits like 5 fingers, opposable thumb, forward facing eyes and teach them that we are primates too and have them point out these traits on themselves too.  We then talk about the different groups of primates(lemurs, new world monkeys, old world monkeys and apes) using our primate skulls to show what they look like up close.   They learn about where these different species live, what they eat and what makes them unique.    

Curriculum Points Covered

 Animals have distinct characteristics and humans are animals.  Identify and describe major physical characteristics of different types of animals (mammals). Describe an adaptation as a characteristic body part, shape, or behaviour that helps an animal survive in its environment. Describe ways in which plants and animals depend on each other. Plants and animals are interdependent and are adapted to meet their needs from the resources available in their particular habitats.