Learning about the Evolution of the Human Brain

1 Hour in Class Program


We are excited to offer a new addition to our school and camp program roster: evolution of the human brain.  By understanding our evolutionary history and how we ended up with the biggest brain to body size ratio of any animal on the planet is key to understanding our brain in general. The program goes through the basics of our human evolution and then focuses on the three main theories of why we evolved such a big brain. 

Along with learning about our brains students also get a chance to interact and learn about our ape, early human and modern human skulls to see first hand the growth of our brains.  

This would be a great addition to any science or social science class that touches on neuroscience, the brain or evolution.  Check out this video from our presentation at Bright Lights Summer Camp this summer to see what the presentation is all about.  

If you have any questions about the program please contact us

Price: $200 plus HST for one 1 hour program for up to 30 students.  Additional classes are $95 plus HST each. For additional programs on a different day the cost is $135 plus HST per class. If outside Toronto, an extra travel fee of $25 applies.  If outside the GTA a travel fee of $45 applies.

Payment of programs can be made by cheque, cash or e-transfer.   Cheques are payable to Primate Tales, if sending an e-transfer please email payment to: info@primatetales.com.