Evolution of Compassion Guidance Program

Anti-Bullying Program for grades 5 and up

 Gorillas hugging

         Our 1 hour program, to use in conjunction with the guidance department at your elementary or high school, discusses the evolution of compassion and empathy among ourselves and our mammal relatives. 

The program is aimed for students in grade 5 and up.  The program is different from other anti-bullying programs because it uses biology and science to explain why traits like compassion and empathy have evolved and why these traits were essential to our survival.  Students may not understand how crucial it is to engage is these behaviours and how detrimental it can be to engage it hateful, mean and aggressive ways.

 Students helping each other

        The program also involves hands-on and interactive activities that get students thinking about the consequences their actions on line have and how detrimental it can be to the students who are bullied. The program is designed to break down the walls that the internet puts up between the bully and the victim to show students that what they say on the internet is just as bad as saying that to someone’s face. Students step into each others shoes to create empathy and compassion for each other.  

If you want more information on the program content please contact us.

The program is $200 plus hst for 1 class of students.  For addition programs on the same day the cost is $95 plus hst per class. For additional programs on a different day the cost is $135 plus hst for the first class and $95 for additional classes that day. If outside of Toronto a $25 travel fee applies. If outside the GTA a travel fee of $45 applies. If you have more than 10 classes you want to do please contact us and we can discuss a bulk rate.   

Payment of programs can be made by cheque, cash or e-transfer.   Cheques are payable to Primate Tales, if sending an e-transfer please email payment to: info@primatetales.com.