Primate Tales goes to visit Bayview Glen School

Grade 11 Biology students get their feet wet in a crash course on human evolution

I had the pleasure of doing programs for the three grade 11 biology classes at Bayview Glen School at the beginning of March.  They were just about to start their unit on evolution and had asked Primate Tales to do program on human and primate evolution to get the students excited about their new unit.  


I was really impressed with how engaged and interested the students were.  When I asked them to get into groups and try to figure if the skulls I brought were a great ape, hominid (human) ancestor or a modern human, I was blown away that they pretty much got them all right.  The way they examined the skulls and their explanations to why they came up with their answers were all what I was hoping they would say.  They saw that the apes had bigger canines and a more protruding (prognathic) face, the early humans faces were more like our own, but also a bit like the apes and they could see this mix of features.  

I loved that they asked a lot of questions, especially about the new fossil hominid find, Homo Naledi, that I talked about at the end of the presentation to illustrate how the field of human evolution is always changing as we find more fossils and are able to better understand our origins.  They were amazed that an all-female group of anthropologists crawled down this deep and tight cave formation to get to the fossils and bring them up to show the world.   


It made me so happy to have students come up to me after the presentation, to ask what courses I took in school to get involved in this field of science and what careers they could pursue with a biology degree.  This is why Primate Tales bring these programs into schools, so students can see that these are areas of science they can pursue and thrive in.  

If you want students to experience a Primate Tales program contact us and we would be happy to book one for your class.

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