What we do

    Primate Tales is Toronto and the GTA's only affordable science program that comes to your classroom to fill in the gaps in the science curriculum surrounding evolution.  We use primates as examples as they are instantly relatable and get students engaged in science. All of our programs are hands-on and interactive.  Our programs result in students gaining a greater interest in science through bringing curiosity about our origins into the classroom.

    We have worked hard to incorporate material that is tightly linked to the Ontario science curriculum. Our presentations introduce and reinforce the concepts that students are learning in class. By the end of the program you will have an activity to assess the outcomes and expectations covered for the life systems or biology unit, taking the burden off your shoulders.

    Why we do it

    A recent paper by Bayer and Luberda (2016) shows that inquiry-based hands-on learning with hominid and ape skulls helps students gain a greater understanding of evolution.  This is why we bring our collection of monkey, ape and hominin skulls to each programs to engage students with biology and human evolution, so they can better understand these topics and see that they too can be scientists.  

    Who are We?

    Lauren Saville is the owner and creator of Primate Tales.  She is an evolutionary anthropologist and primatologist.  She is passionate about all things primate and evolution related and has an extensive background in education.

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